Alchemist Clinics

Alchemist Clinics are pioneering primary and eye care services in the states of East India. It is the first corporate venture in an organized chain format to cover the underserved states of East India where the healthcare indicators are very poor.

These Alchemist centres are expected to bridge, to some extent, the huge gap in basic health care facilities that local governments have failed to provide to its citizens in rural / semi-urban areas and to the economically weaker sections of the society in small and medium towns and cities.

These centres hope to provide access to Specialized basic Health and Eye care to people of neighbouring areas. Through this foray, the company seeks to empower rural India, mainly the economically weaker sections by providing health needs under one roof such as OPD facility, telemedicine, routine pathology testing, prescriptions, OTC, surgical facilities in Eye care (e.g. cataract; basic eye surgery, etc).

This would help reduce OOP (Out of pocket expenditure) of the population as catastrophic health expenditure is one of the main causes to drive majority of populations in this area below the poverty line. The access to generic and good quality medicines through pharmacy will save money where the local populations spend almost 70 % of money out of pocket on medications.